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Meet our Tax Clients

2014 New Year ResolutionJulie Brufke Wenger recently authored and shared an article with her clients and collegeues titled 12 Months to a Personal Financial Power Plan.  Two of Phoenix Tax Consultants reached back out to say how timely the article was for them personally. Julie thought it might be fun to hear how they are doing and invited them to guest blog about their experience and share it with you. We all have good intentions to get organized, but life gets in the way. Take the journey with Courtney and Kathy & Mike as they tackle their Personal Financial Power Plan!

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Courtney’s Tax Profile

  • Mid 30s
  • Montgomery County Resident
  • W2 Status: Married, Filing Jointly
  • 2 Incomes with a 1099 for Summer Work
  • 1 Child, Toddler

Courtney’s Challenge:

New Baby, start the process and plan for college savings and a down payment for a new home. “Our current home has been appraised for $45,000 less than we paid. We will need to move eventually as we grow our family. What can we do to plan and prepare to save for a down payment and the potential loss in the sale of our townhome.”

Kathy & Mike’s Tax Profile

  • Late 40s Early 50s
  • Chester County Resident
  • W2 Status: Married, Filing Jointly
  • 1 Income
  • 2 Children in High School
  • 1 Rental Property

Kathy & Mike’s Challenge:

Money is coming in as fast as it is going out – trying to plan and manage cashflow. “Time flies – we have no idea if we are on track and prepared for our own retirement which is quickly approaching and we have 2 children soon to be in college!”


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