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New Year’s Goal: 12 Month Personal Financial Power Plan

2014 New Year Resolution

Make your New Year’s resolution to participate in the twelve monthly steps to creating your own personal financial power plan. Each month is one manageable assignment that relates to the previous assignment so by the end of 2014 you will:

  1. Know what your assets are currently.
  2. Have organized your debts and have a plan to reduce them and structure them to your advantage.
  3. Have determined you current net worth.
  4. Have prepared a current budget.
  5. Have prepared a projected retirement budget.
  6. Have a vision of what you will need financially in your future.
  7. Have looked at your cash flow , compared it to your expenses and reviewed ways to improve it.
  8. Developed a savings plan to accommodate current and future needs.
  9. Reviewed your protection needs to avoid landmines in the event of death or disability.
  10. Made sure that you are leaving your assets to your loved ones efficiently.
  11. Made a list of upcoming expenses both necessary and discretionary and included a strategy to take of the needed items and reward with the desired items.
  12. Created an awareness of special topics like saving for college, special needs children and Medicaid planning.

In twelve months you will know much more about your financial situation and you will have taken 12 great steps toward creating a better, safer future. This knowledge empowers you with control over your future financial destiny.

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