Resources & Pricing

We receive many calls from new customers asking how much we charge for a tax return. Of course this is an important consideration and it is hard to generalize because tax returns vary greatly, but we have a basic formula.

  • Our prices are very transparent. Individual returns are charged by the form so you can see exactly what we needed to prepare for you. Any additional bookkeeping or specialized tax or financial consulting is charged on an hourly basis.
  • Our prices are fair and reflect the value we add to your tax preparation process. In most cases, our prices are more competitive than other retail firms that (unlike us) are utilizing less experienced preparers.  We take great pride in providing to our clients top quality, personal service at a very fair price. All of our preparers are experienced and have advanced degrees and certifications.
  • All of our clients receive a half hour of tax planning at NO CHARGE, often leading to tax savings that offer a tax benefit that may well exceed than our fee!

Although we can not provide exact pricing until we see your return and the basics of your income, deductions and credits, we can be more specific when you call for a quote, 610-933-3507 or request an appointment today and rest assured that we are committed to providing the best results and value.