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Julie Brufke Wenger Presents Career Cure

Julie Brufke Wenger Presents Career Cure

Originally Posted on September 6, 2010

In February 2010, Julie Brufke Wenger of JBW Enterprises hosted a night of hope for local Philadelphia job seekers. Julie envisioned an event to bring together industry experts in all areas of the career search to create an event called, “Career Cure.” 

Host and mastermind Julie Brufke Wenger and this event, Career Cure caught the attention of the local media including media attention from the news stations, radio, and local papers.  When most news stations were reporting negative news Julie saw this is an opportunity to bring hope to the Philadelphia area and decided to open the event to more than just the pharmaceutical professionals but to all to job seekers.   

Julie’s vision was providing resources to all aspects of the career search in hopes for a cure.  Now, in September of 2011 Julie Wenger is hosting a reunion. This is an opportunity to hear how those are doing that landed, assist those that still might be in transition or in a temporary situation and offer a chance to meet new people. 

 People helping people for a cure…

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