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Avoiding the IRS? Is it Possible?

Avoiding the IRS? Is it Possible?

Posted on February 23, 2011

It’s not a good idea.  Don’t risk it.  You’ve see the number of recognizable celebrities such as Red Foxx, and Wesley Snipes with thousands if not millions owed to the IRS.  No one can fly under the radar.  It’s not worth the risks involved. As the adage goes there’s nothing more certain than death and taxes.  The IRS encourages and attempts to aid the public to spot and avoid tax schemes that they deem abusive through the use of a variety of educational literature.  Taking part in a illegal tax scheme can potentially lead to fines, including interest on taxes owed with penalties, and even imprisonment.  Know and avoid what may seem like the easy route, it sure isn’t.  Be responsible, pay your taxes. 

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