PTC Loyalty Card 2016Did you know for Tax Season we have a Loyalty Bucks Program just for you, our clients and friends. Referrals are the greatest compliment a business can receive and we appreciate your loyalty.

We have come up with ways throughout the year that you can earn bucks towards your Tax Return next year. You may already know we host a number of educational events, happy hours, seminars and events throughout the year. Why not throw in a couple ‘tax bucks’ for bringing your friend or Aunt Sue with you?

This year you will hear from us, a lot, about the importance of Tax Planning. That’s right – planning. We are offering and additional $10 OFF next years return for those of you that set up and attend your planning meeting. It is THAT IMPORTANT!

Here is an overview of ways you can earn your bucks:

PTC Loyalty Card 2016 v2Our legal team said we should have a disclaimer, so here it is: The “tax bucks” in our loyalty program have no cash value. Void where prohibited. Each person is responsible for keeping their loyalty card/record of bucks earned throughout the year. At the time of your Tax Return is when the card should be turned in to cash in on the savings!