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Tax Preparation Phoenixville

tax preparation phoenixville

Tax Preparation Phoenixville

Tackling your tough Tax Questions

Phoenix Tax Consultants offer professional and reliable tax preparation services throughout all of Phoenixville. Known within the greater community as the Tax Tacklers, Phoenix Tax Consultants is one of the county’s leading tax advisors with more than 1,500 clients.

As a full-service firm, serving small businesses and individuals, their experts are highly skilled in tax minimizing, tax planning, IRS audit representation and more.

Experienced Tax Professionals

As a client of Phoenix Tax Consultants, you can have peace of mind knowing that their experienced pros will do more than simply complete your tax paperwork, they will also help you with tax strategies to maximize your financial outcome. Their experts understand there are numerous options for you out there for having your taxes completed. It’s their goal to review your expenses and deductions in a way that translates to long term tax savings.

Clients consider the free resources on to be valuable in terms of understanding the process of having their taxes completed. Take a closer look at the ‘Tax Appointment Checklist’ to ensure you bring everything necessary with you to your tax appointment, including:

  • Your personal data, including the social security numbers for yourself, your spouse and all defendants. This is perhaps the number one item clients fail to bring with them.
  • All income data including your W2 forms, K-1 forms, 1099-R forms, information on alimony received, jury duty paid, gambling & lottery winnings, scholarships, state and local income tax refunds and unemployment compensation.
  • Homeowner or renter information including your mortgage interest, real estate taxes paid, rent paid, moving expenses, HUD statements, Form 1099-S, Form 1098 or other relevant information.
  • Financial asset information, including interest income, dividend income, broker transaction proceeds, stocks information, 1099-MISC forms or 1099-R forms.
  • Financial liabilities, including auto loans or leases, student loan info or early withdrawal penalties.
  • Personal property tax information
  • Expenses including charity, expenses related to charity work, work expenses, investment expenses, education expenses, childcare, medical savings accounts info, adoption expenses, alimony paid and tax return prep expenses.
  • Self-employment data including K-1s for partnerships, business-related income and expenses, farm income documents.
  • Deduction documents including income tax paid, contributions and medical expenses.
  • –          Casualty or theft losses, and miscellaneous deductions

Maximizing your Tax Returns

Phoenix Tax Consultants are the only tax preparation in Phoenixville that cares as much about your return as you do. Your tax refund will be delivered quickly and accurately, by experts using the latest tax laws and opportunities.

Tax preparation by Phoenix Tax Consultants also includes value-added planning and recommendations- all at a reasonable price to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish. Make an appointment now by calling 610-933-3507 or check out pricing on the website

tax preparation phoenixville

Prices for tax preparation by Phoenixville pros from Phoenix Tax Consultants are transparent. Clients are charged on an hourly basis and are found to be in line with and often even more competitive than other local firms. Call now to make an appointment with a tax expert.

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