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When is the Best Time to File My Tax Return?

Here at Phoenix Tax Consultants, we believe that the earlier you file your taxes, the better. However, do certain situations ever warrant waiting to file your taxes? In this article, we’ll explain… Read More

5 Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early Straight From a Tax Consultant

33% of Americans admit that they wait until the last minute to file their taxes. So if this is typically your strategy, you’re not alone! However, just because it’s common, does not… Read More

Jump-start Your Tax Reduction Opportunities

Tax season is not over – it is just starting. As a “super strategist” I can’t emphasize enough that the biggest tax reduction opportunities start earlier in the year, NOT on April 15th. By then it is too late. Here are five things to think about now to get the best head start on reducing your taxes.

2013 Last Chance to Claim These 4 Tax Rebates – EXPIRES 12/31/2013

As the year quickly comes to an end we encourage our clients to think about the tax year before it ends! Now is the time to consider incentivized purchases that offer tax… Read More