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4 Reasons Why you Need An Enrolled Agent or CPA

Tax season is upon us, and with that comes a very important question: to use a licensed professional, or not to use professional? This earlier post by Tax Tacklers illustrates the differences between using a CPA and using a system like TurboTax. While TurboTax can be the right solution in some situations, there are many important services and benefits only a CPA can provide.

1. A tax professional can save you money.

Why pay more in taxes than you need to? There are numerous credits, deductions and write-offs that can help save you money or get refunds (this post outlines some of the most common write-offs). CPAs are trained to spot which of these apply to you. The amount of money CPA’s can save you may mean their services pay for themselves!

IRS Enrolled Agent2. A tax professional give you security.

Nobody’s perfect, and when it comes to taxes even the most honest slip-up can result in contact from the IRS. Tax laws are complex and constantly changing, and it’s often difficult to be aware of which changes apply to you. The help of a professional is reduces the risk of errors and the hassles that result from mistakes. And if you do end up facing an audit, having a CPA or enrolled agent represent you before the IRS is vital. They can assist with everything from writing appeals to providing appropriate documents. A professional’s assistance is critical and may lead to a better outcome.

3. CPA’s help you plan for the future.

CPA’s don’t just provide guidance while you face an audit; they can also provide long-term guidance by suggesting options for tax defferal. Theses strategies such as using an IRA, college savings plan, 401-k or flexible spending account may help you, your business and your family not just during the tax season, but for the future as well. Get started focusing on the future now with these calculators that help you estimate everything from retirement portfolio lifespan, to savings accumulation, to college funding.

4. CPA’s provide peace of mind.

All the things mentioned above are very important, but also very complex. At the end of the day, the best service CPA’s can provide is reassurance. Give yourself the freedom to focus on what really matters, and leave the hassle of tax filing to a trusted professional.


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