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2016 Tax Numbers for Filing




Married: $12,700  |  Single: $6,350 | HOH: $9,350

STANDARD MILEAGE BUSINESS:  .54 cents per mile in 2016


SmartCEO Magazine – CPA Awards








Phoenix Tax Consultants was a finalist for the SmartCEO Philadelphia CPA & ESQ Awards for CPA firm. The full press release of winners and finalists from SmartCEO is here: Press Release from SmartCEO Magazine.



Julie Brufke Wenger’s profile on SmartCEO’s finalist website.

Accounting Today Wealth Magnets 2014

We are proud to announce Phoenix Tax Consultants has been listed as one of the Wealth Magnets 2014 by Accounting Today!



Wall Street Journal featured Julie Brufke Wenger

Did you know that Julie Brufke Wenger, Owner and Enrolled Agent of Phoenix Tax Consultants “The Tax Tacklers” was interviewed for two seperate articles in The Wall Stree Journal?

How Being a Worrywort Helps at Work

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3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Filing with Software

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E-filing can be quicker and easier than paper filing, but that doesn’t mean you should breeze through it without checking for errors. While e-filing can catch some errors, it’s still important to review your return before your submit it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a pen or your keyboard when you prepare your taxes; the tiniest slip-ups can mean paying more than you need to or getting a smaller refund than you should. That’s why you should keep an eye out for these common mistakes.

  1. Name, Age and SSN

There are several places on your tax return where a tiny typo can be a big deal. That especially goes for filling out names, ages and social security numbers. A mistake in those sections can slow down tax return processing for the IRS. If you do mess up while typing and submit your return, there’s still time to amend your error. Check out the page for instructions on amending e-filed tax returns.

  1. Math

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