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News Release: Julia Brufke Wenger Completes the 10,000 Small Businesses-Greater Philadelphia Program

Philadelphia, August 10, 2017 -Julia Brufke Wenger, Owner of Phoenix Tax Consultants, LLC was among the ninth cohort of 29 graduates who recently completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small  Businesses-Greater Philadephia program.

Julia Brufke Wenger, Chief Operating officer of Phoenix Tax Consultants has been a member of the Phoenixville business community and owned her practice since  1990. With  over  1,500 clients, we are a respected member of the community. We are a full-service firm serving both individuals and small- business. Our accountants and CPAs are experts in federal, state, and local taxes. All clients receive additional planning to minimize taxes. But we don’t just process tax-­· returns – we plan tax returns. That means our customers leave our office with more than just completed tax paperwork, they get tax strategies that help them maximize their  financial  outcomes.

Quote from Julie: This was an extraordinary opportunity to stand back, evaluate our strategies and operations as a firm and develop a plan to not only grow our company but develop processes and procedures that will benefit our clients and strengthen those relationships thorough stellar service now and in the future. Access to the Goldman Sachs Alumni network and the resources provided are a catalyst for growth and development taking our company to the next level.

The business leaders have spent 14 weeks – roughly 100 class hours – at the Community College of Philadelphia studyig a business management curriculum desgined by Babson College and delivered by Community College of Philadelphia faculty. The curriculum covered accounting, human resources, negotitation and marketing, among other topics. The program also invluded one-on-one business advising, accounting workshps and advice from Goldman Sachs professionals.

Applications for 10,000 Small Businesses are accepted on a rolling basis at Community College of Philadelphia, The program is open to business owners from across the Greater Philadelphia region. To learn more or to apply, visit

For more information on Phoenix Tax Consultants, LLC visit or call (610) 933-3507.

Julie’s Story

My story…

I recently heard a speaker talk about what are called SEEs- significant emotional events. These significant emotional events have such a profound impact on an individual that they have the capacity to change your perspective in life, your value system and your view of the world.

I experienced what I believe to be such an event when about 15 years ago I found myself in transition as I became divorced and a breadwinner with the future of four young children depending on me for their every need. I was truly terrified and not sure where to turn. I decided that I could frame this situation as an opportunity for personal success or, as I now call it, victory over obstacles or I could become a victim of circumstance.

That situation was the catalyst for my career as a Certified Financial Planner. I knew I had to understand financial concepts in order to deliver what was needed for my family. I also knew that my in depth understanding of the stress associated with financial insecurity would provide a genuine respect for the needs and concerns of my clients. I needed to be the best I could be for all.

Since then I have aspired to multiple designations including a Masters degree in financial services. I am proud to say that I have spent many hours listening to clients and providing strategies to accomplish their own financial goals or, as I say, their own victories, such as sustainable retirement income, building savings, providing a legacy or educating children. Money is not everything but without financial security, it is difficult to enjoy all that life has to offer and it can be very frightening and stressful. I understand how important that can be and I am rewarding by helping my clients reach their best outcomes with understanding of their priorities and needs.

News Release: Julia Brufke Wenger Obtains a MSFS Degree


      PHOENIXVILLE, PA – FEBRUARY 22, 2017 – Julia Brufke Wenger, owner of Phoenix Tax Consultants has earned the Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) degree from the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School at the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

    The MSFS degree program provides a diverse financial education that prepares graduates to advise their clients on a wide spectrum of financial planning needs.  MSFS course topics include advanced pension and estate planning, financial planning, executive compensation, business and personal tax planning, security analysis and portfolio management, and financial statement analysis.  The program includes practical case studies and client/practitioner scenarios that graduates can use immediately to help them address clients’ needs with expertise and confidence.

     Candidates for the MSFS must successfully complete 36 credits of individual and residency study and pass 12 rigorous examinations.  The American College’s Richard D. Irwin Graduate School has awarded the Master of Science in Financial Services degree to over 2,500 individuals since 1977.

       The American College is the nation’s largest non-profit educational institution devoted to financial services.  Holding the highest level of academic accreditation, The College has served as a valued business partner to banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and others for over 86 years.  The American College’s faculty represents some of the financial services industry’s foremost thought leaders.  For more information, visit

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Around the Watercooler

JULIE BRUFKE WENGER  —  Julie finished her Master Degree requirements from the American College with a Masters of Science in      Financial Services in December. She also was again invited to be a member of the Women’s Advisory Board at John Hancock, dedicated to empowering women financially and a keynote speaker at the national conference for Signator Advisors in Orlando, Florida.

SARAH BRUFKE — Sarah completed her degree from Villanova and is now residing in NYC as an employee of IBM Corporation. The Brufke Wenger family is still recovering from the Villanova Championship!

JULIEGRACE BRUFKE — Juliegrace has been appointed the role of congressional reported and appeared  repeatedly on National TV with guest appearances on Fox Business.